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Oscillation & MobilizationOscillation

As structures go into a defensive state, affected areas will lock down. The body is remobilized by using a rocking motion, while integrating directional, cross, myofascial and neural path releases. This is done with sensitive awareness, used to track the body’s resistance and flexibility around its structures and centre.

Oscillation and mobilisation techniques assist in freeing up the flow of energy to the body structures, bringing about a relaxation and often exposing the precise areas of tension.

When these areas of tension are located, the Myosteo-practitioner is able to track (follow) the lines of tension either to their source or to where the problem is being refered. Other release techniques are applied sequentially as these areas of tension unfold.

MobilizationThe Myosteo-practitoner is able to mobilise limbs and joints in various patterns (eg particular movements, stretches, compression, compression in conjunction with movement, etc), while simultaneously applying appropriate release techniques to reactivate freedom of movement.

Applying precise techniques that are most suited to a particular structure, in conjunction with oscillation, tracking and limb and joint articulation, is the hallmark of Myosteopractic and has been found to promote overall well being at a deep level.

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